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next generation framework for cloud automation

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Separating user requirements from the implementation details has the potential of changing the way IT systems are deployed and managed in the cloud. To capture user requirements, we developed a high-level abstraction called the requirement model for defining cloud-based IT systems. Once users define their desired system in the specification, it is automatically compiled into a concrete cloud-based system that meets the specified user requirements. We demonstrate the practicality of this approach in the ANCOR framework.

ANCOR is a cloud automation framework that models dependencies between different layers in an application stack. When instances in one layer changes, the instances in a dependent layer are notified and reconfigured. Therefore, ANCOR can be used as a Moving Target Defense platform for the systems it is deploying and managing.

Compiling Abstract Specifications into Concrete Systems—Bringing Order to the Cloud.
Ian Unruh, Alexandru G. Bardas, Rui Zhuang, Xinming Ou, and Scott A. DeLoach. In 28th Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA'14)

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Please refer to our GitHub repository for a more detailed framework description, example scenarios and for instructions on how to install and use ANCOR.

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