Moving Target Defenses (MTD) have been proposed as a game changing approach to cyber security that eliminates the static nature of current computer systems – an attacker’s biggest advantage. The core idea of MTD is to make a system change proactively as a means to eliminating the asymmetric advantage the attacker has on time.

Moving Target Defense for Cloud-Based IT Systems (MTD CBITS) is a platform that automatically adapts multiple aspects of the network’s logical and physical configuration. The platform is targeting a cloud infrastructure and is built on top of ANCOR. ANCOR is a framework for creating and managing cloud-based IT systems using a high-level abstraction (an up-to-date IT system inventory). While ANCOR was focused on creating and managing IT systems in a reliable and automated way, the MTD CBITS work analyzes the feasibility and potential security benefits of an MTD approach based on live instance replacement. Why live instance replacements? A live instance replacement mechanism can be the means to deploying various defenses in an automated way while constantly removing attackers’ persistent access.

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